Saudi Aramco Ex Employees’ Association is an organization of Ex-employees of Saudi Arabian Oil Company known as S. Aramco. This is a non-political, non-religious and no barriers of caste and creed social organization based in Kerala, South-West State of India.

Our Motto

To foster Friendship, Fellowship and Service for the benefit of the members and their families and the community


The salient and projected objectives are


(1) To provide a social set up where in members can assemble, meet and foster close relationship and better

      understanding amongst themselves and their family members

(2) To develop the intercommunications,

(3) To provide any social service that is relevant and possible.

(4) To make available specialized skill and knowledge to the community as and when required.


Activities for each year shall be slated by the Executive Committee. Normally at least two get-togethers in a year shall be arranged with cultural programs. During such functions the achievers, either the members or their children, shall be honored. One day or long family trips within or outside state shall be arranged.